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Just Ewe&Me: Now he's got this idea he's going to shave me all over.

Most speciality forums cater to people whose interests the general population would find strange but harmless.

But there are some online forums that might upset even the most open-minded of individuals. Perhaps the very worst of these is Beast Forum, the world’s premier bestiality website, which claims to have over 1.6 million members from around the world.

Warning: some of what follows is of a graphic and disturbing nature.

Beastiality sex this is sex with animals, also is names as zoophile.

This site contain beastiality porn videos and stories.

And the sad part is, hell, I'll lick her just like always. Just Ewe&Me: And meanwhile she's writing stories about how you're the only creature in the world who really loves and understands her.

But, hey, what's up with you and--what was your owner's name again? Cindy's in the kitchen now rubbing hamburger on her twat, I guarantee it.

On the topic of female humans and male dogs for instance, the most revered guide is penned by Lady Rottweiler who offers hard-earned wisdom such as “You should always put sweat socks on his front feet, or wear a sturdy shirt, to avoid scratches.” The rest is far too graphic to reprint here.It’s clear that most members consider themselves capable of having romantic feelings toward an animal. I am going to go hug her.” Many experienced members offering advice on bestiality counsel building a relationship with the animal before embarking on anything more carnal.In fact, many feel that they are only capable of having romantic relations with a dog, as illustrated by this post made by jamagh. In the memorial thread, a place dedicated to deceased animals, the strength of the bonds members have formed with animals becomes apparent.Bestiality for dummies Beast Forum is a two-pronged operation, serving as a forum platform and a traditional porn site, albeit for very niche and perverted interests.All members have access to limited amounts of Beast Forum’s pornographic content, but by paying to upgrade their membership, users can gain increased access to a vast repository of animal porn, as well as access to what is claimed to be the biggest bestiality chat room online.

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There is a since [sic] of helplessness and uncertainty, a since of violability that comes with being tied.” While dogs are the most frequently discussed animal, members of Beast Forum lust after a diverse array of creatures. four-legged mammals appear to be the most common fantasy.

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